About Jade Hope Designs


Award winning Jeweller and Silversmith Jade Hope is based in Hertfordshire.

Jade crafts bespoke work using inspiration from the natural world. Her designs stem from naturally occurring patterns and her love of the sea. Her ethos is to use resources without waste. Jade enjoys experimenting with shape, structure and size. She has a passion for engraving and this can be seen through out a range of her work.


'What I love about engraving is the ability to draw on metal, its a way to sketch ideas that are permanent, it allows you to accept your mistakes and imperfections and turn them into something stunning.' - Jade 

 She aims for designs with a sculptural and modern feel using a variety of techniques from the traditional to the innovating technologies available to produce finished pieces that are highly functional but aesthetically pleasing. Jade applies this ethos to all aspects of her designs from distinctive tableware to unique pieces of jewellery.


Jade is experienced in electro-forming and engraving. She works with clients to develop their ideas in to finished pieces.

Jade completed a BA Hons degree in 3D design at Loughborough and followed this with a postgraduate year in Silversmithing at the internationally renown Bishopsland Educational Trust.

She has worked in the commercial silversmithing industry for the last three years alongside running her own design business.

Her current clients include a number of high profile commercial company's as well as private individuals and a Hertfordshire based Charity.

Jade is happy to undertake commissions and is happy to work with clients on their ideas to develop them into something they will love, so if you are interested then just head to the contacts page and drop her an email. Alternately  you can always call to discuss a project.  


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